Sambo Torque Limiters

Sambo Torque Limiters are automatic devices that control actuator input torque. They are designed to prevent actuator and valve damage due to over-torque.

How Does a Torque Limiter Work?

A torque limiter works by being installed directly to the gear box. In the event of an over-torque, a torque limiter permanently separates the drive shaft and the driven shaft. Decoupled shafts can be re-engaged manually.

Sambo Torque Limiter Installation

  • Assemble the key on the valve or reducer input shaft
  • Assemble torque limiter according to key direction
  • Fix torque limiter with set screw
  • Assembly of the handle on the input shaft of torque limiter

Sambo Torque Limiter Features

  • Water proof: standard IP67 grade with optional IP68 grade
  • Different types of re-engagement:
    • Automatic re-engage type (standard)
    • Clockwise rotation “close” manual re-engage type
    • Counter-clockwise rotation “close” manual re-engage type
  • Easy torque limit adjustment
  • Durable and easy maintenance
  • Variety applications (optional)


Sambo Torque Limiter Brochure Cover
Sambo Torque Limiter Brochure

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