Sambo Bevel Gears

Sambo bevel gears are known for their high quality and high performance. A unique top entry stem nut design makes it easy to replace without having to remove the gear from the valve. Each Sambo spiral bevel gear has an alumite grease type fitting and a grease plug for adding lubricant.

Sambo bevel gears in most sizes are available for shipment from our warehouse in Houston, TX. Contact us for a quote or for more information.

  1. Spiral Pinion and Spiral Bevel Gear
    Pinion gear is 1045 heat treated steel. Bevel Gear is 1045 steel. Both gears are precision cut.
  2. O-Ring
    Units are completely O-ring sealed, suitable for temporary submergence to meet IP67 Class.
  3. Spherical Roller Bearing
    This input bevel pinion is fully supported on deep groove ball bearings to provide excellent radial support.
  4. Gaskets
    The base & end cap is sealed by a non-asbestos gasket to prevent any leakage and is waterproof.
  5. Thrust ball or Self-Aligning Thrust Roller Bearing
    Provides anti-friction capacity required for high load applications.
  6. Dual Locking Nuts
    This design incorporates dual locking nuts which provide a jam effect for positive locking. No set screw or pinning is required.
  7. Stem Nut
    A unique top entry replaceable stem nut. After many years of service, this stem nut can be easily replaced without removing the gear from value. Stem nut is made with tensile brass providing both corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  8. Drive Sleeve
    Made with ductile iron, Class 55-45-12. The drive sleeve supports both axial and radial loads.
  9. Housing and Base
    All external castings are are made with ductile iron. Class 55-45-12 with a tensile strength of 55,DDD psi. This provides high strength and excellent impact resistance.

Sambo SB-V Bevel Gear Series

The Sambo SB-V series of bevel gear ranges up to 75,000Nm (55,317ft-lbf). These bevel gears have torque and thrust capacities of up to 7,300KN (2,585,300lbf) and a stem capacity to 230mm (9.05 in).

Sambo SB-VH Bevel Gear Series

The Sambo SB-VH series, a high load bevel gear design, ranges up to 142,000Nm (104,734ft-lbf). These high load bevel gears have a thrust capacity of up to 11,500KN and a stem capacity to 270mm (10.63 in).


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