Sambo Planetary Gears

Sambo Planetary Gear

Sambo Planetary Gears Feature:

  • Axis of input and output is located on concentricity
  • Consistent direction of rotation of axis on input & output
  • Transmit power per volume is excellent
  • High capacity, compact sized, lightweight
  • Effective transmit power due to only small friction loss
  • Can be applied to various kind of valves

    Sambo Planetary Gears Application:

    • Dual Speed Input Gear Box can make Valve & Valve Gear box’ s actuator operating time (operating speed) higher by reducing the total number of turns.
    • Switching between the two ratios is done by simply pushing or pulling on the input shaft. The high ratio gearing is used for the portion of the valve stroke where the torque requirement is high to initially open a valve or the last cycles to close it.
    • During travel the valve torque usually drops considerably and the lower ratio can be employed to reduce the number of input turns required.
    Planetary Gear Reduction – Dual Input Speed Gear Box
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